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líniazero turns 5!
Other things we’ve done in these five years that we haven’t told you about yet.

Who we are at líniazero

Líniazero depends on the hard work and dedication of a lot of people. Our success over the last 5 years has been thanks to the following:

Altaïr (distributor), Marc Ancochea (typesetter), Sònia Aran (documentalist), Alícia Arjona (accountant), Carla Bahna (graphic designer), Encarna Belmonte (translator), Mary Black (translator), Miguel Bustos (typesetter), Abel Camprubí (translator), Blai Carda (photographer), Guillem Cardona (graphic designer), Rosa Carvajal (documentalist), Domènec Casals (proofreader), Debbie Critchley (translator), Cousins (photomechanics), Ferran Esteve (translator), Arianne Faber (graphic designer and illustrator), Maria Faidella (translator), Chus Fenero (proofreader), Martí Ferré (graphic designer), Lee Fey (translator), Montserrat Foz (translator), Laura Ginès (animations), Pilar Gorriz (graphic designer), Tere Guix (graphic designer), Igol (printing), Laura Llahí (proofreader), Marta Martínez (web programmer), Rosa Mercader (publisher and executive), Sílvia Míguez (typesetter), Nixor (administration), Olímpia Nofuentes (editorial assistant), Ana Nogueiras (proofreader), Albert Nolla (translator), Ana Nuño (translator), Xavier Pàmies (translator), Mertxe París (editor), Clara Pena (editorial assistant), Helena Picó (translator), Joan Carles Planells (proofreader), Pau de Riba (graphic designer), Blanca Rissech (translator), Joan Roca de Viñals (photographer), Marta Roigé (proofreader), Glòria Roset (translator), Teresa Sandiumenge (translator), Joan Sardà (computer technician), Sec (distributor), Sílvia Senz (proofreader), Míriam Suso (typesetter), Syl (printing), Judy Thomson (translator), Agnès Toda (editor), David Torrents (graphic designer), Zoraida de Torres (proofreader), Júlia Torns (editorial assistant), Trèvol (couriers), Laura Valero (typesetter), Chefi Viejo (proofreader), Patrícia Vila (lawyer), Mark Waudby (translator).


Every year we have offered a notebook thanks to the ideas of Pilar Gorriz, Tere Guix, David Torrents and Arianne Faber, designers with whom we like working because they are fantastic professionals with a great deal of enthusiasm and creativity. Twice we have also offered you stories by Jamal Mahjoub, an internationally renowned writer who every now and then likes to work with líniazero. The outcome has always been impeccably produced by Syl printers.

  • Notebook 2007
    2007 Pilar Gorriz
  • Notebook 2008
    2008 Tere Guix
  • Notebook 2009
    2009 David Torrents
  • Notebook 2010
    2010 Arianne Faber

Stories by Jamal Mahjoub, read them here: God backwards and The Notebook
Reconocimiento - NoComercial (by-nc):

In the special 2011 edition, we wanted to get the future graphic designers of Barcelona involved: we asked the students in the second year at Eina design school to work with it as part of their Projects course. They proposed the five shortlisted notebooks chosen from among all the proposals submitted.

A jury made up of previous designers of the notebook, plus Montse Serra (from Syl), Jamal Mahjoub and Rosa Mercader (from líniazero) chose the winning notebook.

The notebook ultimately chosen was an idea by Cristina Bailach. The jury highlighted the sculpture made with books, the hint of the number five, the picture on the front and back covers and the white background.

Winning notebook 2011
Cristina Bailach

Shortlisted notebooks

  • Shortlisted notebook
    Laura Fisas
  • Shortlisted notebook
    Alberto García
  • Shortlisted notebook
    Laura Mata
  • Shortlisted notebook
    Álex Muñoz

The other notebooks submitted were done by: Andreu Ballús, Carla Cobas, Antea Domínguez, Paula Esquerra, Sandra Fernández, Montse García, Carlos Gayo, Marta López, Elisabet March, Dihué Miguen, Laurie Nowak, Miquel Àngel Oliver, Íngrid Padilla, Gerard Pellisa, Arnau Queralt, Néstor Rives, Maria Rull, Desirée Suárez, Marina Serrano, Sandra Tabarés.


Our electronic newsletters have regularly included drawings by people with close ties to líniazero, whom we would like to thank for their cooperation. Many of them work are professional illustrators, and they are all share a passion for colour and line. The newsletters would not be the same without these artistic contributions.

  • drawing by  Arianne Faber
    Arianne Faber
  • drawing by  Carole Hénaff
    Carole Hénaff
  • drawing by  Cristóbal Schmal
    Cristóbal Schmal
  • drawing by  Gustavo Roldán
    Gustavo Roldán
  • drawing by   Hilal Can
    Hilal Can
  • drawing by  Imapla
  • drawing by  Joan Negrescolor
    Joan Negrescolor
  • drawing by  Joma
  • drawing by   Miguel Bustos
    Miguel Bustos
  • drawing by  Pere Ginard
    Pere Ginard
  • drawing by  Susan Aumann
    Susan Aumann
  • drawing by  Tere Guix
    Tere Guix
  • drawing by  Zoraida de Torres
    Zoraida de Torres
  • drawing by  Arianne Faber
    Arianne Faber

Filed away

Over these five years we have presented proposals for publications or designs that never came to fruition. We would like to show you a few of them:

Illustrated Tibidiario
newspaper reporting on your visit to Tibidabo, designed with Carla Bahna and Arianne Faber

Illustrated Tibidiario <vacío>

“Everyone equal?? No!” unfoldable on saving water
designed with Tere Guix and Perico Pastor

“Everyone equal?? No!” unfoldable on saving water

Pocket wine card
designed by Tere Guix

Pocket wine card <vacío>

Book La Boqueria
designed by Anna Solsona

La Boqueria

Book Surviving in the Galapagos
photographs by Pepe Navarro

Sobreviure a les Galàpagos

KM13.774 publishing imprint for the Casa Amèrica Catalunya Foundation
designed by Pilar Gorriz

Sello editorial KM13.774, para la Fundació Casa Amèrica Catalunya <vacío>

Alumni magazine for UOC, alternative covers
designed by Guillem Cardona


Catalogue Cerdà and the First Barcelona Metropolis, 1853-1897, alternative covers
designed by Arianne Faber

Cerdà and the First Barcelona Metropolis, 1853-1897

Collection of books on global change
with the Science in Society Foundation

Updated guide on accessible Barcelona
with the Step by Step Foundation

News for 2011

We’ll always keep you up to date on líniazero’s new developments!

>>We have been on since 2011

>> Eina design school (Barcelona) is participating in the design of the notebook celebrating our 5th anniversary.

>> On the 19th of May we had an all-out celebration of líniazero’s fifth anniversary. We gathered together clients, partners and other people who have been with us over these five years. The party was held at Cafè Salambó in the neighbourhood of Gracia, where we work. In addition to a dinner and special cocktail, we had the pleasure of listening to the poetry and music performance featuring Tar Kampa (Riccardo Massari).

As the highlight of the party, we awarded the 2011 líniazero Notebook Prize to graphic design student Cristina Bailach. She received 25 notebooks for herself, 25 for her classmates and a large chocolate bar printed with her design for the notebook.

líniazero’s fifth anniversary

>>We have dived into the world of digital books. The first title we have launched in this format is a book published under the líniazero imprint , Pere IV, 416. Farmàcia. Postals de postguerra.
You can download it from edi.cat

>>Some of our publications are already on the ISSUU, an online platform that allows you to conveniently check books. In the líniazero profile you will find the books Pere IV, 416. Farmàcia. Postals de postguerra, Hip Hop and Bollywood.

>>On Saturday the 25th of June, the “Emprenem” supplement in rthe newspaper Ara devoted an entire page to líniazero. In addition to showing the wonderful studio where we work, you can also find out how the líniazero adventure started and what we have done to earn the title of “Survivors”.
Read the pdf


Over these five years, we in the studio have shared cocktails with our associates, clients and friends. We have learnt how to make good alcohol concoctions, but more than anything we have chatted and joked a lot. These gatherings have always been relaxed and stimulating, and many good ideas have come out of them! The soul of these cocktails has always been Tere Guix, Arianne Faber, Marta Martínez and Carla Bahna, and the invitations you have received have been their designs.



Apparently Winston Churchill’s mother invented this cocktail in New York’s Manhattan Club. With Canadian whisky? That’s right, because this was during Prohibition and only alcohol from abroad was available in the USA.
2/3 sweet vermouth 1/3 Canadian whisky 2 drops of bitters 1 maraschino cherry; ice cubes Mix the vermouth, whisky and bitters with 2-3 ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Shake gently and pour the cocktail into a cold glass with a maraschino cherry in it.


“The bartender set the drink in front of me. With the lime juice it has a sort of pale greenish yellowish misty look. I tasted it. It was both sweet and sharp at the same time. The woman in black watched me. Then she lifted her own glass towards me. We both drank. Then I knew hers was the same drink.” Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye.
3/4 gin 1/4 Rose’s Lime Juice; ice cubes Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Serve.


A classic from the late 1940s invented by the Americans working in the oil fields of the Middle East, who used to stir it with a screwdriver. Simple yet effective.
1/3 vodka 2/3 orange juice; ice cubes Mix and serve in a tall glass with plenty of ice. The screwdriver itself is not absolutely necessary.

Classic Daiquiri

This drink got its name from a mine near Santiago de Cuba. It was invented by an engineer who worked there. As a treat for his guests he would disguise the local rum with a bit of lemon. That was over 100 years ago, yet the drink still survives.
1/3 lemon juice 2/3 white rum 1 teaspoon of sugar Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and serve.


This is a summer cocktail from Mexico. Legend has it that it was invented by Margarita Samos in the 1940s or 1950s and caused a ruckus; but another legend claims that it was invented by a fisherman who was hopelessly in love with the governor’s daughter, named Margarita. At any rate, it comes fully recommended and is totally refreshing.
1/3 white tequila 1/3 lemon or lime juice 1/3 triple sec; ice cubes; lime and salt for the glass Mix the ingredients well in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Dip the rim of the glass in lime juice and salt, and serve.

Kir Royal

A French aperitif invented by Felix Kir, a mayor of Dijon, who offered it at receptions shortly after World War II. This was his way of promoting white wine and cassis, two local products. Smart guy! We make it with Catalan cava, sparkling wine.
8 parts cava, 2 parts crème de cassis Cool the glass. Pour the cassis in the glass and add the cava. Decorate with a maraschino cherry.

007 Girls Ginger Glass

While he, Bond, James Bond, ordered a dry martini, shaken, not stirred, his female companions savoured a sparkling cocktail with unforeseen consequences that he had to grapple with when he came back from the casino.1/2 gold rum 1/2 ginger ale and orange juice, proportions to suit your taste; ice cubes; sugar (optional) Mix the ingredients in the cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Strain and serve in a tall glass.

Red & Mad

We invented this cocktail by making tiny changes to a recipe we got somewhere. Red like autumn leaves and mad like the wind that stirs them. It turned out exquisite.
1/2 vodka 1/2 black vermouth 1 dash of triple sec 1 piece of orange peel; ice cubes; 1 maraschino cherry Mix the liqueurs in the cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Serve in a short glass garnished with the orange peel and cherry.